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Best Website Builders — 2023 Honest Developer Advice (CMS Tested)


Are you looking for an online success ticket for the business website? Look no further, we have got your back! Whether you are a freelancer, or a small-scale business owner we have got a complete guide for your ease. Web Design Unit understand that a good looking website is no longer a luxury but an asset for future and thus we are here for you. But how do you create an eye-catchy website that contains all qualities? This blog post will take you to explore those important elements that are necessary to study. Our top website creators for 2023 and CMS testing results assist in how to make an appealing website
This blog post is going to cover all the important aspects from the start till the end and a brief summary of all.

What Factors Creates An Alluring Website

The major concern of many in the market, what makes a website attractive has got a golden answer to it. An attractive website attracts visitors through not by unique layouts only. Every aspect plays a crucial role in a seamless experience. Color, font style, pictures, layout all combines to compliment any website.This not only makes the website easy-to-use for the customer but also help in increasing SEO ranks. Customers feels valued when they get a seamless navigation, which is hassle-free. By following these basic principles, any online website can gain grace and fame in the market.

How To Create An Appealing Website?

  • Visual Hierarchy: By arranging your website in an order, user can navigate the website.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure the responsiveness of the website. By responding on any screen size, user can navigate on any device.
  • Color Palette: Choose the most relevant color scheme that complement the brand.
  • Font Style: Find a font style that would be easy-to-read and complement your theme.
  • Images and Media: Use the HD images and videos that is suitable to your theme and attract to your audience.
  • Whitespace: Make sure to create a simple style that let your content stand out from the crowd.

How To Make Website More Attractive?

  • Engaging Content: Pique the readers’ interest by creating the information based on interesting things.
  • Interactive Components: Astonish your clients with unique sliders, hover effects, and animations to add dynamics.
  • Consistent Brand:Foster your client trust by consisting branding strategy across all the platform.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Using the CTAs is the essential part where placing it to direct visitors to take your desired action, such as buying, or signing up right away, or enroll in any course now.
  • Loading Speed:Say yes to image optimization and cut down unnecessary load time to ensure a swift experience.

How To Make A Website More Visually Appealing?

  1. Storytelling: Client loves to hear about the relevant stories that could connect them. Instead of making your website an information tool, tell stories that are relatable.
  2. Blogs and Updates: Adding fresh content to the website provides value to your visitor. They will always look for updated content which will increase the organic traffic.
  3. Innovative Design: Experiment unique and fresh designs to amaze your visitors.

Criteria For Evaluation

Before we delve into the details, let's build the criteria for evaluation on what makes a website appealing. Designing a website is not about aesthetics, it’s much more than of it and requires the focus on every aspect. Understand the basic criteria that matter the most before concentrating on particular website builder. Here are some factors considered during the evaluation process:

  • Customization: Level of control on over performance and appearance.
  • Scalability: Ability of the builder to grow with the website’s need.
  • CMS Integration:Seamless integration with content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Features: Support in the form of availability of coding access, data management, and APIs.
  • Performance: Loading speed, availability, and all performance Specific Website Builders to Evaluate In the huge market of website builders, we have narrowed down the focus to some top contenders for 2023.

These Are As Follows

  1. Wix: Well-known for it’s drag-and-drop user interface and abundance of template.
  2. Squarespace:
  3. Best for e-commerce design and effective functionality.
  4. WordPress: Renowned for it’s extensive ecosystem and adaptability of plugins.
  5. Weebly: Finest creator for e-commerce features and usage.
  6. Shopify: Master e-commerce with specialized features.
  7. CMS Testing

This testing is the fundamental part where users get to experience the reliable insights into each platform. By examining each website performance, security measures, and flexibility a better insight could easily be generated to evaluate the platforms efficiency.

  • Installation and Configure: Check if the chosen CMS is easy to install or not for your convenience.
  • Content Management: Evaluate the difficulty level of content creation and editing.
  • Custom Post Types: Assess the degree of flexibility custom content type.
  • SEO Features: Look for SEO integrated tools and optimization option.
  • Theme and Template Flexibility: Examine the degree of customization within the chosen CMS.

Developer-Specific Concerns

It’s crucial to evaluate the website builders by understanding the concerns and requirements of developer. Examine factors like customization options, integration capabilities, code access, and scalability to cater to specific developer requirements. This is how WordPress shines out with it’s wide range of plugins and developer-friendly tools.


The necessity of website security has grown significantly in the market as cyber dangers continue to rise. Always place the highest focus on website security. Here Squarespace and Wix comes to the rescue where both of them has built-in security feature, while WordPress enable enhance security through various plugins. Take a brief assessment on the security measures offered by each website builder, include SSL certificates, backup functionality, and malware protection, to make sure prompt protection for your website and visitors.

User Experience

The key question of how to make your website interesting has a very straightforward answer which is to focus on the user experience. An appealing website is directly proportional to a seamless user experience. By considering the features such as mobile responsiveness, convenience of navigation, and accessibility to guarantee an enjoyable browsing experience converts visitors into clients.

Performance Metrics

A boosting performance of website plays an important role in retaining the visitor. In the fast-paced world visitor expects an instantaneous results. It’s essential to consider if the website’s loading speed determine whether the visitor is going to engage or bounces away.
This factor heavily impacts the SEO rankings, websites that offer a seamless navigation are the most valued ones by the users. Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress are three majors that offer the performance optimization, but WordPress goes pushes boundaries by offering extensive options by providing a variety of plugins.
The ecosystem of plugins empowers website by tuning every aspect of its performance. Even if a website has valuable content, a slow load time can drive visitors away in frustration. A website that is accessible to various websites speaks volume about its efficiency than any other slow-paced one. By evaluating the loading speed, server uptime, and website responsiveness for a smooth navigation of visitor allows user to examine the website’s efficiency and decides the degree at which the visitor’s needs are fulfilled timely.

Real-World Case Studies

Dive into the real-world case studies to get a practical perspective on the website creation and builder. These real-life case studies enable user to step-in the shoes of the developer who have harnessed the features of various website building tools. By seeking feedback and experiences from developers who have utilized the services offered by the website builders could enable the user to gain better insight,helping them enlighten the strengths and weaknesses of each website, leading to a valuable evaluation for decision-making. Diving into the series of feedback, experiences, and outcomes they achieved, users can gain a profound understanding of how the platforms function in the real-world.
This first-hand experience allow users to discover the tough challenges, successes and growth journey while observing the end products. Moreover, sheds light on the complexities of customization, CMS integration, and the range of potential applications for decryption access and API capabilities.
Here the expertise of the developer can be a great asset to investigate the efficiency. This is the best way to analyze how well a website builder is suited for different purposes, and industries. These case studies highlight the complexities of business, and how it’s been dealt under pressure which will help users to evaluate the level of expertise of any individual.

Community And Support

A vibrant community and dependable customer support can simplify the website building process. Wix and Squarespace offer 24/7 customer support, offering around-the-clock customer service to ensure that your issue never left stranded. On the other side, WordPress has a vast enthusiast’s community who provide an in-depth insight for those who prefer a collaborative approach.
To gain a safety net, it's always important to look for the quality customer service and response rate. A smoother process need a strong user community and reliable support to manage the tasks on time. While hiring any website builder look for their on time guidance and support. In the end, the availability of these things turns a doubtful experience into a confident one.

Price Consideration

It's not about money that could bring you the finest, but some wise decisions that could help you to stand out. Staying updated from the latest trends and tools could help you in making the right decision. Your decision based on analysis either can shape or destroy your online reputation. Starting with a platform that offers free basic plans is the best decision.
Wix provides an opportunity for it's users to engage, learn, and explore in it's free plan. This approach gains user trust and enable them to go further a long way with them. In alternate of Wix, Squarespace and WordPress offers a wide range of pricing package. As they have shown in the market their worth, so they value another approach - pay for all.
It's always essential to take market price and compare it with others to avail the best cheap package. Internet has all the information that you need, a click-away. Examine the upfront, and ongoing prices from different builders. Do your homework well and avoid extra charges for your startup.


By investigating the market, you can look for the cheapest package. We understand that quality matters the most, but this doesn't mean that you should spend all. Choose what suits your budget. Your homework could not only save bugs, but an authentic builder could flourish the idea as well. Building an eye-catchy website requires your time and attention to give you a life time ease.
Remember, every platform has its pros and cons - it's always you, who could test and know your worth only! Designing any website needs you to blend functionality, user-experience, and balance of aesthetics. By testing the evaluation criteria, and diving into CMS testing, you could win the game.
Another key question which is trending is how to make a website more appealing. You need to test every builder's design flexibility, and security as the major to choose the right one. Yes, this is a bit lengthy process but once you get done with all, you will be ready to rule the digital world. Real beauty falls in the functionalities in all stages, and not in the appealing looks.


Website builder is a software or an online platform that allows users to create their online presence without technical knowledge. This enables the user to start their business by using various available templates. Website builders usually come with different functionality to bring ease in your way. Their drop-and-drag functionality allows users to customize the website appearance to hurry up with things. You can now add many items and manage to host service all in one place. This simplicity helps the website builder to become famous without investing much in their small start-ups.

With the digital revolution, website builders have come a long way. In the initial phases, these builders had some fundamental functionality. Simple templates and limited options were the only available features in those stages. Yet, these builders have become sophisticated over the years. E-commerce features, and social media integrations have changed the way of website creation. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also contributed to this progress. Many website builders combine AI for new designs, content, and SEO recommendations to meet the growing demand of this era. The advanced version is full of customization that even experienced web developers find helpful.

There are various builders nowadays who are leading in integrating AI functionalities. Wix assists customers by using AI for website building. You can have a completely new draft by solving a series of questionnaires. In contrast, Shopify has customer insights and offers sophisticated e-commerce analytics using AI. But WordPress goes the extra mile and enables the user to add a variety of plugins and SEO analytics with chatbots. But to a lesser extent, Squarespace and Weebly also provide the customer insights and analytics generated by AI.

In this modern era, website developers are prioritizing mobile optimization. Day by day, people are accessing websites through mobile phones. To provide a seamless experience, website creators are giving access to the users to edit the site and make similar functionality for both the desktop and mobile. Some website builders offer a preview option of how the website will appear on mobile devices before publishing.

Yes! Most website builders support plugins or third-party applications for user ease. You can add social media feeds, SEO tools, analytics, and more. All websites today allow users a third-party integration to enhance their website usage and gain more profit. The wide range of tools makes it easier for the user to create their professional look, whether you are a small-scale business owner or about to launch one soon.
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